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Privacy policy and use of cookies

Dear User, we encourage you to get acquainted with the “Privacy policy” of the Internet FORUM and the rules governing the use of cookies by the website as they will apply to your use of the FORUM and website. Respecting the personal data of the users we have adopted the rules described below that define the way of collecting, storing and using such data. If you disagree with our “Privacy policy” we urge you not to use our website.

In order to fully enable all the functionalities of the FORUM Users may be requested to submit specified personal data.

What data we collect

Data collected during the registration process

In order for you to be able to use the FORUM you will have to register by filling out a registration form and providing the following data: name, surname or nick and e-mail address. During the registration process we will also ask you to provide a login and password that you will be using to log in to your ACCOUNT.

Data collected automatically

During your use of the website there is data concerning your visit that is collected automatically, e.g. your IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc. The collection of this data takes place using the cookie files more on which you may learn from the section that covers the Policy on cookie files.

Data collected when you contact us.

When you contact us (e.g. using the contact form available in the “Contact” tab, using the FORUM functionality “Send a message to the FORUM OWNER” or by e-mail) you may provide personal data to us, i.e. your name, surname, nick and e-mail address.

How we use your data

Your data will not be sold to third parties.

Data collected in the registration process will be used solely for the purpose of enabling you to log in to our system and use the functionalities of the FORUM. This data may also be used to verify if the person who registers meets the requirements of the Policy and legal regulations.

The data collected automatically may be used in the way described by the section that covers the Policy on cookie files.

The data collected when you contact us will be used solely for the purpose of replying to your notification or solving the problem you submit.

In case of a breach of the FORUM Policy, infringement or if the legal regulations so require, such data may be disclosed to the judicial authority and/or an authorized bureau.

How we will contact you

If you contacted us using our contact form, we will reply to your submission to the address e-mail provided by you. If you contacted us by sending a message using the FORUM , we will also reply through the FORUM or by sending you an e-mail if you chose to submit an e-mail address.

Deleting and changing the data

You have the right to review, correct or deny the use of your personal data. Following the receipt of your request the administrator will correct or delete your personal data form the database. We will take all reasonable efforts to fulfill your request of deleting the personal data unless such data needs to be retained according to the binding laws or lawful commercial purposes.

At all times you may update your data or request for your data to be deleted by contacting us using the Internet contact form available from the “Contact” tab or using the FORUM functionality “Send a message to the FORUM OWNER”.

Report violation, get information

In order to maintain the highest substantial level and proper communication within the FORUM OWNER we give you the option to contact us using the contact form available from the “Contact” tab or the FORUM functionality “Send a message to the FORUM OWNER”, should something raise your concerns or if you wish to get information.

Policy on cookie files

What is a cookie file?

For technical reasons that improve the efficiency of using our website some areas of the website may use cookies, i.e. small in size text files sent to your PC that identify you in the way that makes a given operation possible and easier as well as speeding up the whole process. These files are stored in the end-users hardware used to browse websites. The files allow identifying the user’s device and properly displaying the website personalized according to individual preferences. Cookies usually store the name of the website they come from, time of storing at the end-user’s device and a unique number. These files are used to adjust the content of the websites to personal user preferences and to optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create anonymous aggregated statistics that help to understand the way websites are used which allows for improving their structure and content, without the need of personal identification of a user.

What are we using the cookies for?

We use cookies to handle the session (logging in) and maintain the selected language version for the website. Information provided by these files is also used to track the statistics of users’ visits. Moreover, the FORUM may also use other cookie files related to the functionalities of the forum.

Do cookies contain personal data?

Cookie files that we use do not contain personal data.

Deleting cookies.

By default the software used to browse websites usually allows for cookies to be stored on the end-users’ devices. The settings of the Internet browser can be changed to either block the handling of cookie files or notify the user of each attempt to send cookies to the user’s device. Detailed information on the options and ways of handling the cookie files is available in the software (Internet browser) settings.

Disabling the option to save cookie files within the Internet browser does not prevent the use of the website and FORUM but it may cause some hindrances.

How we protect your personal data

Our databases are secured from being accessed by third parties. However, one needs to be aware that no measure of security is perfect and fail-proof.


This Privacy policy may be amended form time to time by means of posting the new Privacy policy at the website. The Privacy policy and FORUM Policy together constitute one instrument.

External links and advertisements

The website may include external links to other websites (through, for instance, ad banners). We take no responsibility for privacy policies and terms of services applied by such websites. Our Privacy policy and FORUM Policy apply only to the website.

Contact us

The administrator of the personal data is Techland Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Ostrow Wielkopolski at Zolkiewskiego 3, 63-400 Ostrow Wlkp., registered by Sąd Rejonowy in Poznan, IX Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under the KRS number 0000136933, VAT PL 622-24-68-959 and Regon 251546820, Capital 176.891.600 PLN.

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