Terms of Service

Techland’s internet forum policy

(version 1/2013)
  • §1 General terms

    • This Policy with all amendments (hereinafter the POLICY) sets forth the terms and conditions of using the Internet forum run at the (hereinafter the FORUM). The FORUM allows the persons using Techland’s products to exchange opinions and information on the said products, games in particular.
    • Registration to the FORUM by a user who is not a consumer means acceptance of this POLICY and acknowledges that the User knows its contents.
    • Users who are consumers express their consent to the contents of the POLICY and, in specific cases, the agreement to enter an agreement remotely in the line of paragraph 6 item 3 of the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and on the liability for the damage caused by a dangerous product (Dz. U. 2012, item 1225) each time individually upon registration.
    • The owner and administrator of the FORUM is Techland Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Ostrow Wielkopolski (63-400) at Zolkiewskiego 3, registered in the evidence of Sąd Rejonowy Poznań Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, IX Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under the KRS 136933, VAT PL: 62224668959, REGON: 251546820, capital 176.891.600 PLN, e-mail address: (hereinafter the FORUM OWNER).
    • The FORUM OWNER reserves the right to make amendments to the POLICY. Each such amendment to the POLICY will be communicated to the USERS by the FORUM OWNER 14 days prior to such amendment being introduced by means of electronic mail sent out to their e-mail addresses.
  • §2 Users and accounts

    • A User of the FORUM may be an adult natural person, a legal person or an organizational entity that is not incorporated but acts in legal capacity under the law, as well as minor natural persons who are of the age of 13 provided they obtained the approval of their legal guardian (hereinafter the USER).
    • Natural persons using the FORUM for purposes not directly connected with their business or professional activity are subject to the terms of the POLICY pertaining to the consumers as well as corresponding common laws on consumers.
    • The use of the FORUM is possible through the use of devices featuring up to date versions of the Internet browsers, Internet access, Javascript support and activated option of cookies support.
    • The USER means an entity that registered to the FORUM and has an active ACCOUNT.
    • The ACCOUNT means the individual USER account represented by the unique login and password selected and designated by the USER during the registration process. Access to the FORUM is granted by means of logging in by the USER with the login and password mentioned above.
    • Access to the FORUM is granted only to the USERS who registered by filling out and submitting the electronic registration form from the FORUM website, which include providing the following data: nick, e-mail address and password.
    • The FORUM OWNER does not control or verify the identification data of the USER provided in the registration form.
    • The USER is obliged to take all necessary steps to prevent the unauthorized access to their ACCOUNT by third parties, including keeping their login and password confidential and not sharing them with third parties. The USER should immediately inform the FORUM OWNER of any and all cases of unauthorized use of the USER’s ACCOUNT.
    • Creating an ACCOUNT and participating in the FORUM are free of charge.
  • §3 Using the forum

    • After logging in to the ACCOUNT the USER may participate in the FORUM by expressing their opinions, remarks, starting conversations, giving advice and discussing with other USERS and employees of the FORUM OWNER on the topics connected with the products presented on the FORUM OWNER’s website as well as other topics. The products presented on the website do not constitute a trade offer as defined by paragraph 66 of the civil code.
    • The content submitted by the USERS to the FORUM will be visible for people without an active ACCOUNT on the FORUM (the so called ‘guests’) but they will not be able to actively participate in the FORUM, including adding comments or opinions.
    • Each of the products presented at the website has a separate section of the FORUM dedicated to this product. Access to the section for a particular product is available through the link featured at the product’s tab, among others.
    • The FORUM is divided to the following categories: Games (dedicated to the products as set forth in section 1), General discussions, Help (enables contact with the administrators and moderators of the forum).
    • The FORUM is provided in two language versions: Polish and English.
    • The USER is obliged to use the ACCOUNT and other services of the website, including the FORUM, in lawful way, according to the generally accepted social standards and manners, as well as the term of the POLICY.
    • The USER us solely responsible for the way they use the ACCOUNT and other services provided by the website, including the content and form of the submitted posts, not limiting the criminal and civil liability for unlawful activities. At the request of the authorized agencies, including for the purposes of their proceedings, the FORUM OWNER shall submit the data of the ACCOUNT USERS at their disposal.
    • The USER is prohibited from submitting to their ACCOUNT and/or FORUM:
      • Content that is subject to intellectual property protection that the USER has no copyrights, derivative rights or right to use the copyright in unless a prior written consent of the authorized parties is obtained.
      • Content that infringes on the law or personal rights of third parties; content promoting racial, religious or ethnic prejudice, promoting violence or contents generally regarded as morally objectionable or socially inappropriate.
      • Advertisements;
      • Content disrupting the proper operation of the FORUM, using the FORUM by other USERS, including sending unwanted materials (also promotional) or submitting content that includes viruses or other malicious software.
    • In case the FORUM OWNER obtains information on submission by the USER of content set forth in section 6 the FORUM OWNER may request its immediate removal by the USER or remove it at its sole discretion.
    • The USERS submitting statements to the FORUM propagate them at their sole responsibility. The USER who posts to the FORUM is solely liable for any and all claims of third parties arising from infringing on the rights of such parties by submitting the post.
    • The FORUM OWNER hereby informs the USERS that it may in certain cases temporarily cease or limit the access to the FORUM and other services, in particular for technical reasons.
    • The FORUM OWNER hereby informs that in case of submitting by the USERS any content to the FORUM (including photographs, drawings, texts, audio and video files, and other elements) such content may be downloaded and disseminated by other USERS. Submitting such content by the USERS means their implicit consent to such use.
    • The USERS may contact the FORUM OWNER using the contact form available from the website under the ‘Contact’ tab or by using the FORUM functionality “Send message to the FORUM OWNER”. Complaints regarding the use of the FORUM should be submitted to the FORUM OWNER using the contact form available from the website under the ‘Contact’ tab or by using the FORUM functionality “Send message to the FORUM OWNER”, as well as in writing to the postal address of the FORUM OWNER set forth in this POLICY. The FORUM OWNER shall consider the complaint within 14 (fourteen) days following the date of receipt. The reply to the complaint will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the complaint form.
    • The USERS have no right, direct or implicit, to use the materials published at the FORUM OWNER website, including photographs, drawings, product descriptions for any purpose unless it is allowed under the commonly binding laws or upon obtaining prior written consent of the FORUM OWNER.
  • §4 Deactivating the account

    • The USER may at any time, including in case of amendments to the POLICY, cancel the ACCOUNT in the FORUM by deactivating it.
    • The deactivation is processed by filling out by the USER the corresponding electronic form available from the website under the ‘Contact’ tab or by using the FORUM functionality “Send message to the FORUM OWNER”.
    • The FORUM OWNER has the right to deactivate the USER’s ACCOUNT if:
      • The USER uses it unlawfully or inconsistently with this POLICY.
      • The ACCOUNT name or USER’s nick infringes on the law, personal rights of third parties, is inconsistent with good morals, including being an expression commonly regarded as offensive.
  • §5 Personal data

    • The FORUM OWNER is the administrator of the personal data as defined by the Act of 29th August, 1997 on the protection of persona data (Dz. U. No. 101, item 926).
    • Submission of the personal data is voluntary.
    • The FORUM OWNER processes and stores the personal data of the USERS in order to provide services within the FORUM and for lawfully justified purposes of the FORUM OWNER, i.e. direct marketing of the products and services of the FORUM OWNER provided the USER has given a separate consent – for the marketing purposes as set forth in the Acts of 18th July, 2002 on rendering services electronically (Dz. U. No. 144 item 1204) and 29th August, 1997 on protection of personal data (Dz. U. 2002 No. 101 item 926).
    • The FORUM OWNER guarantees the storing and processing of the personal data according to the stipulations of the Act of 29th August, 1997 on protection of personal data (Dz. U. 2002 No. 101 item 926).
    • The USER has the right to access the content of their data and request to supplement, update, rectify their personal data, to temporarily or permanently cease its processing or to delete it if is incomplete, outdated, false or were collected infringing on the corresponding Act of law, or if they became obsolete for the purpose they had been collected for.
    • The FORUM OWNER shall not transfer, sell or make available the collected personal or operational data of the USERS to third parties unless with an explicit prior consent or following a request from the USER.
    • The USER may give their consent to process their personal data by the FORUM OWNER for marketing purposes and for the purpose of sending by the FORUM OWNER to the e-mail address of the USER of trade information provided by the FORUM OWNER.
    • The consent of the USER to process their personal data and receiving from the FORUM OWNER to the e-mail address of the USER of trade information provided by the FORUM OWNER may be revoked at all times. Revoking of the consent can be done from the website in the ‘Contact’ tab or by using the FORUM functionality “Send message to the FORUM OWNER”. The use of the FORUM is subject to the company privacy policy of the FORUM OWNER available online from the “Privacy Policy” tab.
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