Techland’s Unsolicited Submissions Policy

Neither Techland nor any of its representatives and employees accepts and/or considers unsolicited submissions, including but not limited to, submissions of ideas for games, products, technologies, processes, marketing or development plans, new products names or the use of products and services already in use (“Submissions”). We urge you to refrain from submitting any unsolicited ideas, creative work, concept work, artwork or any other works in any form or format. Should you choose to disregard our request then regardless of what your letter may state the following terms will apply to any such Submissions:

Terms of Submissions

You agree that: (1) the Submissions you made, including all of their contents automatically become the property of Techland to the maximum extent permitted by law, without any compensation or remuneration to you; (2) Techland has the right to redistribute and/or use your Submissions, including their contents, in any way and for any purpose; (3) Techland has no obligation to review the Submissions or reply to your letter; and (4) Techland is in no way obliged to keep your Submission confidential.

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