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Techland games in fan-made videos – official guidelines

We’re proud and humbled that our games inspire the gaming community to create so many awesome videos. That’s why we want to support fans that create content based on our intellectual property (gameplay footage, music, sound effects, artworks, etc.). However, it’s possible and lawful only if you meet certain requirements. We’ve prepared these guidelines to let you known what content is acceptable, which will also help you publish your works on sites such as YouTube.

5 things to remember

  • All videos that make use of Techland’s intellectual properties have to be publicly available. The viewer must not be required to make a payment or be prevented from watching in any other way. It also means that:
    • The viewer’s access to the video must not be dependent on performing a requested action. It includes but is not limited to payments, participation in surveys, downloading files other than said video, etc.
    • Videos can be posted on websites that feature paid premium accounts on the condition that said video is available also to free accounts.
    • Adverts and other revenue streams are permitted only if they do not limit the viewer’s access to the video.
  • Without our express permission, you cannot license your videos to any third parties for a fee or other remuneration. Techland sets out the following licensing provisions:
    • You don’t need our permission to participate in partner programs on websites such as YouTube,,, or
    • You do require our express permission for any other licensing, including but not limited to film festivals, contents, and third-party broadcasting.
    • Please send all permission requests to:
  • You are free to thank your sponsors or show their logos in your videos. However, please keep in mind the following:
    • When you mention sponsors, stress the fact that they are your sponsors only.
    • Keep all sponsorship mentions reasonably brief, especially if your video is rather short.
    • Do not use the Techland logo or logos of our games without our express permission.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to use Techland’s intellectual property in works that include racist, xenophobic, sexist or any other offensive contents. We ask you to stay focused on games and avoid controversial topics related to personal outlooks on life.
    • In the video, in its description or on the website where it’s published, you should include the following statement: [Your Video] is in no way endorsed by Techland and does not reflect the views or positions of the company or its employees.
  • Respect rights of third parties. Apart from Techland’s intellectual properties allowed under these guidelines, you should not include contents of others that you do not have permission to use.

If you’re working on a project that does not fit the guidelines above, you can always contact us at:

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